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TLDR:  If it's not yours, don't use it. 

(Note: This doesn't include using a picture of a cover or short quotes for reading roundups, reviews, memes, etc. That's expected in our social media-driven industry, and totally fine as long as it's not being used to promote something problematic. Thank you for respecting my intellectual property!)


I've had the pleasure of commissioning some truly sensational talent to bring my characters to life in some fun, spicy scenes! Here are some of the folks I've worked with, along with links to check out their portfolios and rate sheets. <3

Cara and Jax from Plucked

Corbin and Maisie from Hayseed

Drys from Unhinged

Drys and Tana from Unhinged

Mon Reyes Artworks


Commission Info

Will, JD, Penn, and Desi from Carnal Cryptids East Coast

Lee In The Corner


Commission Info

Keane, Poppy, and Sebastian from Squeak



Commission Info

Note: These chibis are part of a special collab and can be exclusively purchased as holographic stickers by clicking here!

Poppy from Squeak

Sebastian from Squeak

Keane from Squeak

Ronnie from Squeal

Sebastian and Keane from Squeak