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Second Steep

Pairing: MF

Standalone: Yes (HFN)

Style:  Urban Paranormal Romance /  18+

Content:  This short story contains mature themes, including violence, dirty talk, a thoroughly upsetting waste of tea, mutilation (referenced, not described in detail), blood (from violence) and knotting.

Blurb: Mat is a fox-spirit conveyor charged with relaying messages between hidden beings; the magical world’s answer to a consulate in the mortal realm. Operating out of a tea shop begrudgingly turned into a coffee house, he’s mostly left to his own devices, which suits him fine. Bailey is a disillusioned graduate with little more than a business degree and a disrupted life plan to her name. When she returns to her family’s coffee shop to regroup, the presence of the strong-but-silent man behind the counter rekindles a childhood crush. When tragedy strikes, an unconventional solution could be just what it takes to bring these twin flames together.

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Milk and Honey

Pairing: MF

Standalone: Yes (HEA)

Style:  Urban Paranormal / Fantasy Romance /  18+

Content: (TBD)

Blurb: Things weren't great, but Mel was handling it. Dancing at the Scarlet Pole provided an income that just barely kept her financial head above water, she had her own place, and if her life wasn't exactly luxe, it was bearable. As long as she stayed the course, sooner or later she had to catch a break, right? Problem was, the only breaks the universe was coughing up were the ones she spent decompressing with her beloved coffee drinks in the club's back alley.

Elim had tirelessly chiseled at a forgotten seam between the realms, his only hope of escape a slender gossamer thread of unraveled magic. Determined and furious, he refused to spend the eve of his Uncle's coronation sitting meekly in a forgotten dungeon. Wedging himself between the crumbling mortar of enchantment and the mortal realm was beneath an Unseelie prince, but better a crownless head than a headless crown, as the saying went.

When the bitter taste of his freedom abruptly turns into a chance at something sweeter, the stakes of seduction between the exiled fae and his equally-stubborn quarry are higher—and hotter—than ever. Can Elim convince Mel that an accidental ancient ritual is the key to something better?

* * * * *

This book is part of the Mated to the Monster multi-author monster romance series.

All books can be read as standalones. 

Additional Book Information

Maws and Claws Motorcycle Club

Pairing: (TBD)

Standalone: (TBD)

Style: Paranormal Polyam / Why Choose / 18+

Content: Contains explicit content / potential triggers TBD. MM relationships do not need a warning, but consider this your heads up that the MCs are together, as they often are in my books - this story is polyamorous / polyam. If I’ve missed mentioning any content considerations you feel should be in this list, please let me know! The safety and comfort of my readers always takes precedence.

Blurb: When a ragtag crew of monsters need to step out of the shadows and blend into the city, it’s a feat far easier said than done. When smoothing out their rough edges to assimilate proves to be a challenge, a chance episode of a rough-and-tumble motorcycle club television show offers the group some unexpected inspiration. There’s a hitch, though: none of them know anything about motorcycles. At all.

Meet the Maws and Claws Motorcycle Club - a pack of monstrous misfits that don’t just have skeletons in their closets, but magical pelts, soul contracts, and hellfire chains too. They’re here to kick some ass, carve out their territory, and go full throttle on their mission - just as soon as they figure out what a throttle is.

Additional Book Information

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