An unapologetic book-huffer and devourer-of-stories, Vera Valentine has carried on a torrid love affair with the written word for nearly all of her 41 years. Grown in the diner-laden wilds of the New Jersey Pine Barrens and transplanted to North Carolina, she lives with her husband, eight cats, and two dogs, most of whom are house trained. An avid fan of the Paranormal Why Choose / Polyam genre, she tossed her author hat into the ring in September of 2021 and never looked back.

A cheerfully chaotic capybara, Vera can usually be found spending too much time on social media, chilling with fellow author friends, or scribbling down plot bunny ideas in her trusty paper sidekick, the Bad Idea Book™.

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CW/TW/Tropes for Beached and Breached

Beached and Breached

Pairing: M/M/NBi (non-binary)

Standalone: Yes (HEA)

Style: Monster Polyam / Why Choose / 18+

Content:  When the Fortunate Winds finds itself on the rough end of ironic hurricane gusts, a freak accident results in an intriguing turn of fate. Now sentient and entwined with a mythical creature, the former shrimp boat explores its sexuality with the unwitting help of an intrepid, lust-dazed first responder. 

This is an explicit story is intended for readers 18+ only, and contains mature themes, including significant magical dub-con/coercion, oral sex, anal penetration by objects (there’s a flared base, I’m not a monster), choking, gagging, unprotected sex, magical spit-as-lube, mockery/degradation, slight BDSM dynamics, hair-grasping, allusions to murder by drowning, a police officer MC, and…well, I don’t really know what a boat fucking someone would be. But, yanno, that’s in here. Obviously. We both know it’s why you’re here.

As always, if I left anything out, please let me know! I’m here to give you the best stories I can, and that means properly informing my beloved readers. Just a reminder - please do not share, spread, or upload this story anywhere else. Thanks!

Finally, while no combination of partners, sexualities, or gender identities ever needs a warning, consider this your official notice that this story is an M/M/NBi (non-binary) menage. Hope you enjoy it. ;)

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