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I'm Vera Valentine, proud author of - erotica, smut, adult content, what-have-you. I'm 39 years old, a copywriter by trade, and live in North Carolina with my husband, seven cats, and two dogs. I'm an avid fan of the Paranormal Reverse Harem genre, so much so that I decided to toss my hat in the ring with my very first novel Stowaway and Silent Song, Book 1 in the in-progress Tempest Tossed Trilogy.

I'm excited to announce that my NEW cryptid monsterf*cker novel, Carnal Cryptids: East Coast is now available for pre-order on Kindle, releasing on or before 10/31/21!

Let's stay in touch! All my links are to the right. :)

Wait - is that a ??? Yup! What the HECK??

So, for those that haven't been introduced to my particular brand of weird quite yet, I used to be a product description specialist in the adult industry. Long story short, I wrote descriptions for sex toys for a living. I got pretty passionate about adult toy materials and safety over the decade I did that work, and remain friends with many silicone toy manufacturers today.

One of them, NawtyToyBox, agreed to work with me to create a custom - ahem - artistic silicone sculpture inspired by a particularly ️‍🔥 ️‍🔥 ️‍🔥 scene with the Jersey Devil in my NEW Monster Reverse Harem book, Carnal Cryptids: East Coast.

This is a ONE OF A KIND body safe
artistic silicone sculpture crafted as a book launch giveaway promo and will be sent (discreetly) to one lucky, randomly chosen 18+ winner in the United States.

Winner will be determined via random number generator at ~8 pm EST on 10/27/21!


> BE OVER THE AGE OF 18 (I reserve the right to verify this with the winner!)

> BE LOCATED IN THE UNITED STATES (Sorry, can't afford to ship overseas!)



(If the winner hasn't done both by 8 pm EST on the 27th, I'll move on to the next name!)


All folks that sign up for the newsletter will automatically be entered, but make sure you sign up for the FB group too!

I will mail the winner this artistic silicone sculpture from NawtyToyBox, a one of a kind piece of book launch swag custom-created using the Jersey Devil scene from Carnal Cryptids: East Coast as inspiration. (here's a video of the actual prize!)

IMPORTANT NOTE: It's your responsibility to make sure this sort of thing is legal where you live. It'll be shipped discreetly.

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